Batman T-Shirt für Männer

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Batman T-Shirt für Männer
Batman Offizielles Produkt. Produkt-Code: 361013

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No, the postcard won't fool your parents.Yes, it features very bright colors implying a wonderfully vibrant city with zero pollution, a nearly non-existent crime rate, and a completely dependable police force with zero instances of corruption.And yes, you've been living in Gotham for two weeks, and the worst thing that happened was running out of Tic Tacs before your first day on the job.But those alluring colors and the implied home town demeanor is a lie perpetuated by Gotham's Department of Tourism -- -- they want you to overlook the incredibly high murder rate, the incessant rain and fog, and the roving packs of gangsters headed by grotesquely-themed mass murderers.Made from 100 percent cotton, our Batman Greetings from Gotham City Men's T-Shirt sports that simulated, very deceitful postcard aesthetic promoting Gotham as a viable living option.And the lie continues with bold yellow letters screaming GOTHAM -- letters filled with black and white sketches of Batman as he prowls, swings, and confronts the Joker for the 17th time in less than 22 minutes.Don't let this Batman t-shirt fool you -- Gotham is NOT a nice a place to visit, NOR is it a place where one should 'put down roots.' Yes, it has Batman and all his Bat-themed friends, but he can't save everyone, and he can't predict the next wave of machine gun-wielding penguins or toxic wind-up teeth.

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