Rollerblade Spiderman 127636

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Rollerblade Spiderman 127636

Informationen über das Produkte

These Quad Skates are perfect for kids new to skating as they have three learning stages. These means that the child can build up their confidence as they progress from a controlled beginners level to an advanced level.

The Quad Skates themselves are manufactured from high quality materials and their fitting size can be adjustable from 22 to 30. This set has been designed with a SPIDER-MAN theme of blue and red colours. Skates include a strap to keep the foot secure when in the skate and come complete with SPIDER-MAN artwork on the boot.

- Adjustable size from 22-30
- Three learning stages
- SPIDER-MAN artwork

Children Footwear Sizes
European: 22 - 30  Infant & Kids Size
UK      : 5  - 11½ Infant & Kids Size (Approx. 13 - 18.4 CM)


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